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 Mothers Arms Chapter Organization


1)  We encourage women everywhere to start a chapter in their area – singles, mothers, grandmothers.
     a)  Ideas for starting a Chapter –

           1)   Invite your neighbors, friends, relatives, co-workers for an organizational meeting.
           2)  Start a Chapter at your place of worship.

           3)  Place flyers advertising your new Chapter (flyers can be requested through National
                Headquarters) at grocery stores, Laundromats, day care centers, anywhere women

2)  There are only several rules that must be followed:
    a)  Mothers Arms is a 501.c.3 nonprofit corporation
           1)  There can be no political affiliation whatsoever
                a)  This means a chapter cannot endorse nor support any political candidate or issue

     b)  No woman, regardless of race, creed or ethnic background will be discriminated against.
     c)  Chapters must adhere to the mission of Mothers Arms:

           1)  Inform, educate and support the development of self-reliant women nationwide who consider it                 a fundamental right and responsibility to protect themselves, their children and their way of life                 from human aggression and assault.

a)   Mothers Arms is pro self-defense.  Personal safety is an individual matter.  We support women in their journey to become self-reliant.  It is up to an individual to become educated and then determine the best methods and tools to utilize for their individual circumstances, within the laws of their jurisdiction.  We advocate everyone to learn gun safety, including non gun owners. 
Knowledge is power and can avert tragedy.

3)  Chapters must register with the national headquarters and be recognized prior to using the Mothers
     Arms logo.  Any unauthorized use will result in legal action.
            a)   In order to register a Chapter the group must have 5 members.

            b)   There will be a $25.00 Chapter Registration fee which will include an Annual Family
                  Membership for the person who starts the Chapter (a $10.00 savings).

 4)  Chapter Organization
     a)  The Chapter Founder will be known as the “Chapter Mom”.
     b)  The “Chapter Mom” will organize monthly meetings.

           1)   It is up to the “Chapter Mom” to determine how to conduct the meetings; however, the
National Coordinator Liaison will provide a suggested monthly topic for discussion.

5)  Monthly Chapter Meetings
     a)  Meetings can be held at a location convenient to the members
           1)   This could be at the “Chapter Mom’s” house, moving the meeting to different members
                  houses each month, a restaurant or other location suitable for the purpose.  It is  
                  recommended the location not be an establishment that primarily serves liquor.

a)  The Chapter is responsible for any cost incurred for room rental,  
            refreshments, etc.

     b)  Meetings can be held at any time or day convenient to all the members.
     c)  Meetings should be informal, fun, informational gatherings where members discuss the monthly
          safety topic (or a local safety topic – i.e. a criminal assault that has happened in their area) as
          it relates to their situations.
    d)   Guests should be welcomed at meetings.
    e)   Light refreshments should be served.
    f)   A brief summary of the meeting should be e-mailed to the Mothers Arms National Coordinator

1)   Summary should include the following information:
        a)      Date, time and location of the meeting.
        b)      Names and contact information of people in attendance.
                 1.    Denote whether they are member or guest.
Summary of the topics discussed.

6)   Mothers Arms Official Chapter status entitles Chapters to:
     a)  Annual listing, upon payment of Chapter Registration Fee, on the Mothers Arms website.
     b)  The right to use the Mothers Arms Logo, upon written request and approval.
     c)  All Chapter Members will receive “The Sentinel”, Mothers Arms quarterly publication.
     d)  All Chapter Members will receive “Weekly Safety Tip” via e-mail.

 Download the interactive PDF version here Chapter Mom


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